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Tunnel to Walton Hall Park, 1957

Walton_park_tunnel.jpg I_000016.jpgThumbnailsSmall Lake, Walton Hall Park, 1957I_000016.jpgThumbnailsSmall Lake, Walton Hall Park, 1957I_000016.jpgThumbnailsSmall Lake, Walton Hall Park, 1957I_000016.jpgThumbnailsSmall Lake, Walton Hall Park, 1957
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  • Ken - Saturday 8 February 2014 15:24
    I recall this,and the atlas cinema,kid in our school alan Johnson lived in Beaconsfoeld road
  • hris arnacle - Tuesday 24 December 2013 00:53
    I had a tricycle and rode through that tunnel from my nan's in Gladstone road in the late fifties. Memories!!!
  • The Seven Sisters ! - Friday 23 March 2012 15:40
    I'm surprised nobody has mentioned that this tunnel used to flood quite frequently and stink to high heaven with that rotten sewer type of stench - even in mid summer ( back in the days when we DID used to have a summer!) I remember the railway line that ran above. We used to search for voles and field mice sleeping under pieces of corrugated iron ! Then along would come the dreaded "PICK UP " - the single diesel engine speeding along and carrying the transport police. This train would stop anywhere and transport police would bail out and grab kids. It caused many a nightmare for me as I slept in Maria Road. Not far from this tunnel was a series of terraced streets which had some weird nonsensical paintings on the wall which made no sense to me at the time - I later worked out that is was all kinds of loyalist statements . Without wishing to start a debate- with hindsight I find this appalling - people living in the most basic of conditions showing deference and loyalty to the privileged minority. Sorry - back to the tunnel memories.....rats, rats and more rats !
  • neil spruce - Saturday 1 October 2011 19:38
    remeber it quite well. lived in willowdale road and used to take my toy yacht to sail on the boating lake in the park,used to annoy my dad as I refused to go throughthe tunnel until the trains had gone past. Mum was dinner lady at northcote road school and me and my m,ate used to go iside the derelict atlas cinema to explore the inside
  • willy owen - Thursday 8 January 2009 16:01
    any one remember paul murphy graham roberts and me willy owen my emil is there great memories saggin school in this tunnel lol
  • Anonymous coward - Friday 27 October 2006 08:30
    Tunnel to Walton Hall Park - Dave Lowry
    I remember the tunnel well. I used to walk through it to go to the house of Alan Lawless, 1958-9, to rehearse with our 'Group' with Don Carruthers and Stan Pearce. Why did the Beatles make it and not us ???? Probably talent had something to do with it. I remember the Throstles Nest but never went inside. I presume it has all gone now.
    The tunnel was a great place to set off fireworks. Bangers made a tremendous noise when confined and amplified. The general public must have hated me.
    Dave Lowry
  • Anonymous coward - Friday 1 September 2006 04:46
    Pitch and Toss
    Yes I remember that tunnel! You got to it by going down a little alley past a sort of slum courtyard that was indeed called The Throstles Nest!...You emerged into some streets ( no longer there ) with back-to-back houses!...The local men used to gather there on Sunday afternoons and play Pitch-and-Toss! They used to post look-outs on street corners because the game was illegal and I suppose they were scared the cops would turn up!
    Del Breingan
  • - Monday 24 January 2005 13:19
    we sagged school under here every friday then went home cos teachers thought we were cross country running
  • Dave Rogers - Thursday 2 December 2004 19:59
    The kid on the bike is me, age 3.
  • Anonymous coward - Friday 10 September 2004 07:23
    Tom Edwards
    I lived on Walton Hall Avenue in the 60's and 70's and used to walk through this tunnel on my way to Walton Hospital with my mum.